Spanked girl or girl who is spanked?

Another week and yes the start of an another Study Weekend here as I take a break as my paws need a rest from holding a pen which what I use to write up my work from as I have condition that genuinely causes me considerable pain and limits what I can do in a diffrent way to my learning and developmental disabilities do.

My Caregiver raised an interesting thought the other day around my perception of myself when he suggested that I was being too hard on myself when it came to how I felt about my behaviour both past and presently which reminded me of a part of another person I sensed was trying to say but in way that didn’t come over that clearly.

What he was getting at is the tendency to see yourself as being that hopeless case defining yourself as someone who always gets in trouble and beating myself up over each and every instance I get it wrong.

Instead he’s suggesting to me I need to be thinking of myself  more as a girl who is learning to behave better just accepting his corrections being applied to her bared bottom and from that point on just moving on, seeing it as just apart of the process of learning.

In other words not to over analyze your spanking but just accept it and move on changing your attitudes which does I admit slot better into my  approach to life.


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