Times past

What we read when it came to comic often reflected the norms of our time especially anything about the state of childhood we were in.


Personally, there is much truth to what this comic strip is about not least that exultation “Wait till your Father gets home!” as even if you had been punished, he always was going to have his own say!!!

I am slowly getting better from my injured hands but my rest is being enforced by my Caregiver to ensureI do make the recovery I need.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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One Response to Times past

  1. Michael says:

    Hello, Jo.

    I love how agonised she looks as she gets her spanking, and her pained expression when she’s finally let off the maternal knee, and the warning about her father. My own girlfriend remembers scenes like that!

    I used to love those old comic strips. There was one in our daily newspaper- father, mother and dizzy teenage daughter who every so often would need to have her bottom spanked across her father’s knee. There would be three pics- one of her backing away, hands straying to her bottom as her father rolled up his sleeves. The next she’s be over his knee yelling, and in the final one she’d be tearfully clutching a soundly spanked bottom.

    I’ve got some pictures of that sort of father/big daughter scene, as well, Jo, as well as other memories like that one. So do get back to me if you want to at the address in the box.

    Very best wishes Michael


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