You have the right to the consequences of your own actions

The complimentary post to this one:A weekend away


That was close to the scene I experienced, Sunday but not featuring a broken object but rather a wet floor when I went to pick up a hot drink and spilled a bit of it on the floor.
It wasn’t that I don’t have problems picking cups up because I do but because I didn’t pay sufficient attention to how I was holding it and apart from the mess that I had to clean up, had it of landed on me, then I’d of scolded myself.
That is why I got a relative light hand spanking on the spot over my underwear  to underscore the consequences of my actions, not either a hard one or no spanking at all, just enough to impress on me the importance of being careful with hot drinks.
I am very grateful for being spanked for this


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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