Father’s Day edition

Better late than never I suppose but between studying this weekend  and being given a story assignment to have complete no late than late tomorrow I’m running rather late today.


Drew Barrymore dressed like a child getting a spanking from an enormous teddy bear. *** Local Caption *** Drew Barrymore;

In  many parts of the World it is Father’s Day, a day that for some can be difficult if you never had a good relationship to your biological or foster Father or worse still felt it had crossed the line into abuse. You may not of even had one in your life.

The actual notion of fatherhood  even has been both questioned philosophically and even in part biologically replaced and yet specifically those of us who are middle or littles it is something we cherish and even want restored.

Quite simply that mixture of warmth care and firm boundaries is something many men  have within them-a talent- and it is a benefit to girl and boys alike but for different reasons, one of a number of components in the successful raising of children.

For those of use who are adult littles, we have this need for the love of the parental style love of our Father like  figures whither it is we have emotional needs routed in our pasts or disabilities or wherever. It makes feel special, wanted and protected.

On this day I say thank you Papa Bear for being my Caregiver and in my life helping me grow as person and being a caring Father Figure.





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