Some further thoughts on spanking needs review

It is interesting to see how posts made a while back look several months on not least when any relationship may have changed and also to see comments left concerning it.

The essence of the spanking review was more a discussion of what was needed and how you saw them going between you as the person who is spanked and the one who who is doing it that takes place outside of the point of spanking. That means you’re not as the one who is spanked ‘topping’ your Caregiver, disciplinarian or mentor but after that they alone are in charge of your spanking.


They decide how you are spanked which I do feel is much better than any kind of “and how should I spank you” discussion because it ensures you are kept in the “to be disciplined” state of mind, a girl having been naughty is going to pay for it. Such a review can be a part of how he learns you needs although you may be able to gauge it by studying  one  reactions to the imposition of pain on your bottom, its colour, any screams and tearfulness.

It is very much his responsibility to ensure every spanking I receive is memorable, lodged into my subconscious so I associate the behaviour I exhibited  with the pain and emotional  feelings  the spanking has left in me. You need to ensure my bottom is left red, that I have screamed and cried during the spanking and afterward you have provided appropriate after care.



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