You said What???


I’m not very well today which perversely enough is why I’m able to post this right now actually cos if I was up to studying then that’s what I’d be doing but anyway back to this post.

Nothing exists in isolation to itself be it a experiment you may perform or how it is we do relate to one another and there are many influences on our behaviour some of which I have touched on before on this blog.

One big influence on us is our peers as well as the mass media such as tv, magazines or increasingly social media and there have been a number of trends over the years such as increasingly everyday sexualization with only this week Cluedo, the board game removing one character and making the others look more ‘hot’ and the marketing to young teens and even tweens of more sexual clothing.

The other taps in more to what this blog is about is the language we use to describe things is more linked  to sexual activity or kink, such as we talk now casually of ‘Pimping’ our cars, we use ‘Bitch’ and ‘to bitch’ more and usually just toward females and so part of our everyday relating language is more like that in a away that 30 or so years ago it less common lace and would be regarded as disrespectful.

It is a bit chicken and egg but when we refer to each other using such terms are we not sowing the seeds of our own disrespect for others by seeing them defined in part this way cussing every second or third word?

Would it not make more sense for people to be pulled up more for using such language especially when coupled directly with disrespect generally and not just for some of us to be spanked without question for it? Somewhere down the line we need to recover respect for authority.


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One Response to You said What???

  1. I agree with an overall disrespect nowadays but I think it’s a general problem, not just concerning authority


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