Consistency vs pragmatism

That’s a different title than you were expecting after last weeks entry that did generate one much appreciated comment as I was in two minds about even posting that but I just thought it deserved an airing.

I’m just weighing this one up in my own head and you’re welcome to post any thoughts on it as discussion isn’t a bad thing but I have a situation in mind I wish to explore here.

Let’s say X has a limit set to how long they visit a site, say a site of pretty pictures, never nude but sometimes partially clothed for no more a reason than to ensure they don’t use more time looking there than doing their chores such as keeping their space tidy.

X has for the last six days kept to the letter of that agreement but has exceed the allowed time by 50% but did come out and tell you without any prompting or threats. Naturally you’d be disappointed but do you either apply the consequence – a spanking – regardless of being informed or would you not spank but cancel for a week the allowed time and any time in that week they do spend on that activity you spank them?

In favour of the latter, you might say encouraging honesty from the outset while applying a penalty might train them better if coming clean has been a problem of theirs or do you take the line a breach as breach no matter what?



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One Response to Consistency vs pragmatism

  1. lurvspanking says:

    That depends if spanking was promised for any time over the allotment. If so, then telling or not telling should have the same consequences, a spanking. However, telling the truth should not result in a revocation of viewing privileges simply an understanding that a repeat violation would result in a longer spanking and loss of viewing for a week. Not telling the truth is a double violation and thus worthy of a double punishment. Hope that helps.


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