Delayed why I go away post

“It’s Monday afternoon and it’s not been published yet” I hear you cry and that’s quite true although there does happen to be a good reason to it such as I was studying hard all weekend and need to get the other blog written and published.

It’s also the case I’m going to be way for several days so I need to get things all organized for it such as what I’m wearing, any personal effects such as plushies, colouring books shoes and so on.

That means apart from anything else there won’t be an entry next weekend as where I’ll be has very poor internet and I detox from digital media too as let’s face it it can get too much.

That time away has changed a bit from just being time where I might play with other littles and wear recreation or schoolwear that invokes the spirit of being a little (and trust me I do look pretty darn young in real life) to one of being supervised, in effected a bit like being with parents or relatives being very much ‘their child’ and with them (by consent) punishing me  by all means up to and including being spanked where in the past that was the appropriate sanction like last time where I got bent over on the spot and spanked for spilling hot tea almost scolding myself cos I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to what I was doing. That’s what happens now with me.

It has change our relationship because we’ve had to talk about my genuine difficulties that before would of been ignored for not appearing to want to treat me differently where by acknowledging my being emotionally and developmentally more like that, we’ve struck this agreement to treat me as a child that has helped  me be more mature and focused within my limits and to have clear boundaries that they’ll enforce to help keep me safe and to make the most of being me for me. They have higher expectation for me too.

Before all of this I really didn’t like, didn’t feel comfortable trying to function in a world that expected things from me I couldn’t do, didn’t give me the protection at times I truly need and it has to be said had never learned how to deal with situations responsibly  and I’ve come quite well through this to the point I feel good about being  with people and that there’s a way of dealing with any situations I mess up in that doesn’t leave me regretting even being their cos the slate can be cleaned and I’m helped to work though what can be done to make things right which is what matters.

So as you can this time including the fun recreational time is really the best thing for me.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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