Feeling flat

It’s been a busy week here with various bits of projects on but today it seems I’m feeling a bit flat although when it comes down to it there are things I can and arguably need to be getting on with.

It all began around of Thursday when a dear friend tried to email be some things they’d been working on but messaged me at a social media site advising they couldn’t do this as apparently my email box was full and somehow – and I’m no techno whizz kid – it stops incoming mail so as I trust them I gave them my back up email while I look into this.

Looking at it, and to be honest I don’t email much now, perhaps you don’t too with social media and various chat apps being more in vogue, the Quota bar was fully to the right and unlike a number of providers this account isn’t unlimited when it comes to stored messages and sent so I set about the painful task of deleting a good number which was made the more painful for inability to remove sub mail folders without deleting in bunches of 20 the contents. I got it down to about 50% but am struggling to get below it.

Anyway feeling a bit better for that, apologizing for not properly maintainingĀ  my account my brother calls around this morning and proceeds together with his partner to totally ignore me with no hello, how are you? Just nothing as if I don’t really exist. This isn’t exactly new – the issues he can and does have with people you could scarcely believe any more for how long they are kept going – but it just feeds into a sense of vulnerability not being well, having aging parents thinking “And when they go I’m left with just them???”

It just demotivates me. I hope it leaves me by tomorrow.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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