Role reversal

This week I was dealing with Internet time, no, no my own that was sorted out last year being free from lapses since thank goodness but with anothers that I found troubling.

The individual concerned appears to spend most of there time, and I’m purposely using  that term not ‘spare time’ hunting for and viewing scantily dressed females often from a Mommy Dominant position. The irony of doing so when if they were indeed in such a relationship appears lost on them.

The thing that concerns me is the hours lost, hours the individual actually NEEDS to do things such as tidy up and clean their flat, get things ready for work and so on. I don’t suppose for one minute they are alone in this obsession given I read about it in the popular press.

In the end I lectured them as someone who has had these problems about the time wasting in the end, needing to generally get their act together and grew up a little which may sound coming from me but actually they are more capable of this than I am. It is that choose NOT to and for which I gave them a hairbrushing across their bottoms to drive it in.

It does show that some of things I’ve battled with, not least having a immature attitude have changed so at least I can recognize it for what it is rather than excusing it and that having had it not enabled and disciplined firmly for it, I too won’t enable that happen.

It’s a bit like when you read about say being a parent, being at the point you guide and set limits raising a child, you need to ‘grow up’ to be the adult in that setting and I’m sensing there is emerging a more mature grown side in me. As to how this individual goes on we shall see but the thing that is clear is they too need to change.



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One Response to Role reversal

  1. Lol I think I need that kind of discipline too


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