Not really here

I think first of all I like that my newest followers for reading this at times rambling littles with spanking blog cos in this very high tech age, so many people just don’t do stuff like that, relying the likes of me posting links at various sites and social media which really is a lot of effort.

To be honest I’m not feeling too good at the moment and indeed for the last few days I’ve been really poorly so much so I wasn’t able to take my classes at the weekend as I was struggling with everyday conversation and remembering what I’d done and even if I’d had anything to eat.

It’s really annoying cos I had plans for things like going out never mind writing a few stories and blog entries which I like and ever since the copy-cat person demanded my every spare moment I lost contact with the people I loved to talk with and who really understood my needs when I’m like this. And now they’re gone I’m all alone.

I’m sorting some stuff between things for Goodwill as somethings have just become baggage I don’t need, getting in the way of what I do and just focusing a little on that is helping as is Papa’s tlc.

I just all this goes by this time next week.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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