It’s teh internet edition

Slight delay this week which I’ll explain later however I got a B for an English assignment I handed in last week and 90% on some work around writing to persuade, argue and advise so recentring me obviously did help.

I have managed to keep away from late night early morning computer use after last weeks spanking. One thing I have found is if I don’t use before I get ready for bed I am less likely to be tempted because my brain isn’t still whirling around which tends to take me from deep sleep or even sometimes doing anything other than just napping for a couple of hours before I’m back awake still mulling over what I was doing online.

What delayed me is something that maybe you’ve known people close to you go through or maybe you have had it and that is when a person decided to pull apart online a person just for a laugh, digging up private details, posting pictures and other images some of which are copyright and so covered by DMCA making obnoxious messages about them and their friends such as exterminating them. Given this is the internet I shall not name names but this is a person very close to me and it did leave me very shocked and not in a good place to write this blog. I just hope after getting their rise they either give or loose accounts at various places they use.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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