It’s not that often I talk about emotions least of all what feels to be me  but there are times when I think it makes sense to not least for everything really comes together for me and this whole journey I’ve been through so far in.

One thing is a childhood routed in fear, fear of how other kids could and did ill treat me from ‘being sent to Coventry’ though bullying, of a homelife where domestic tension to the point of things being thrown and calls to the police being made lead to me being at times even now feeling gripped by crippling anxiety.

The problems I have with my disabilities as much as admit to using them as an excuse to be lazy and for adults to allow that to happen, compounded it with difficulties in making myself understood, difficulties in understanding others, in having a understood secure sense of place that I had a working knowledge of ‘The Rules’.

The whole thing leads to a “crippling terror of existence” for me so it’s hardly surprising that a protective practically Child to Adult relationship is where I find myself in where the physical expression of affection in the way of cuddles and hugs, the love that is shown in overseeing, guiding me anew and the loving hands that have me at my most vulnerable over their lap spanking me feels so good.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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