On revised social rules

The weekend was rather busy with studying  which did involve doing some research which is a pretty good idea with me because I don’t really get started on the basic steps of doing a task just by myself before doing some written work around it.

It’s kind of interesting how some of literature you read when you were younger ties into how society operated, the sorts of expectations  even that both the adults and as the child were prevalent so in a way they tapped into your world as it was lived. Here’s a link to what I wrote about it on my main blog: The return of the Famous Five

Also in connection with an upcoming event, I shall be staying with a friend who knows all about little me and so they’ve been working on the arrangements which will involve school desks, uniform and work being set.

Apart from the fact they’ve been a disciplinarian to me for a good eighteen months or so and they’ve spanked me with very good reason I might add,  in discussing things for this time it’s been decided that I’ll be caned from now on too.


To be honest I felt like crying when I saw that, not from any sense of foreboding but more the fact they cared enough to attempt to extinguish particularly bad  behaviour and attitudes I can easily get into and to be pro-active about it. If six of the best can help with that then my disabilities should not be seen as a reason to cane me so in a way I’m glad this has been said and that’s why I’m accepting it. There’s no reason not to cane me.


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