New month round up

This last week wasn’t so good having a severe migraine  that left me out of commission for a few days and quite a bit of catch up to do.

You know that scoundrel of a ‘boy’ who won’t behave? I told September 9th He was to see me and he didn’t so I assumed that was it, he wanted the “Land of do as you please” not being serious about sorting out his bad habits. Well he messages  me saying I ignored him, suggesting I should be one to be well spanked for it. He got the wrong with me as I sent him his very last message to me with time and date on it which as “Ok then” before he did his no show. He needs a good shaking up, that one.


When it comes to any kind discipline, one thing I do like is when a disciplinarian or Caregiver is very much in control say with a hand directly on me, holding me firmly in place not just I don’t move out of position not just from a safety side but also from a clear dominant “I am in control of your disciplining” way from the initial bending over, the point in you either tuck my knickers up my crack so my cheeks are exposed or pulled right the way down  and only pulled back up when you feel I have been disciplined sufficiently. I feel that’s really a must.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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