What if I mess up in public?


When you think about the disciplinary process there’s usually two ideas, sometimes running in tandem that take centre stage . The first is the idea of the person, let’s call them the disciplinarian for convenience’s sake observing a situation around you and taking the decision to discipline you there and then may be with a few minutes to think out exactly what he’ll do.

Another might be that they have a regular time set a side in the week where they may review a written record of any infractions you have had including any with other people that have been reported and that they use that time to discipline you, setting up any additional work on your attitudes.

In general I prefer to be taken in hand within minutes of the infraction for a number of reasons such as I do soon get anxious if any kind of response – scolding, spanking or restitution –  is delayed and any connection to what I have done is soon lost or ‘distorted through time’ with me.

This is fine if I’m staying with someone who does spank me and we’re some where with some degree of privacy such as a home or place where ‘little’s meets may be happening where they may be a spare room or quiet spot to administer it. Indeed to be seen to be taken way and to return tearful, rubbing your sore bottom, only adds to the sense of shame even if the spanking has been carried out in private as they know why and what must of happened.

Thing is, sometimes this just isn’t going to be possible such as we’re in a public park, I’m dressed more vanilla but mess up as there’s crowds about (and sometimes crowds have an effect on me) or some public venue such as a mall but even a discrete attempt at smacking me may be observed and bring us to other folks attention.

That’s one occasion you as the disciplinarian , you need to step in and say something like “Jo I WILL spank you as soon as we’re home (or back at camp) because (state infraction) is disrespectful” and if there’s a bit cover around so you won’t be seen , a swat delivered  to my bottom as you say that to remind me you’re in charge helps even though it’s not ideal because any uncertainty about how you feel and what will happen is removed. I know what to expect and why and all you need to do is take me to the place you spank me when we get back to deliver the spanking I need .


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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