Exchanges, being open about little you and why you’re spanked

It’s been an odd kind of a week here with my Caregiver being away for a few days and wil be until the middle of next week although we’ll be in touch via the internet with each other because being away doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop having the input he does in my life (and one I’m so grateful for).

It’s also been a week where I’ve been talking a bit more though posts and peoples individual short status about things like handling the vulnerabilities people like me have in what are regular adult spaces even if they’re say spanking related  where regular adult exceptions when it comes to your ability to handle situations  apply and what the difference is between say a person who may be at risk of making a judgement with serious consequences  having that reported to their mentor/caregiver over just tale-telling between mentees where rather like at elementary school one tries to get the other in trouble.

In so far I’m concerned trusted individuals who approach me , talk about this and to whom I agree to, can contact my Caregiver or take me to oneside say in Private Messages to talk through what I’m doing wrong or putting myself in danger in. If you have a vulnerability that most don’t I think it’s better to open about it and be prepared to work with people to help you manage it.

Another unexpected thing was on one site where to be honest every male who tries to message me put put on an approval list as frankly all many want is fap material or to play dominants at was, a number of females who were wanting to talk about what being a little is like, types of scene (purely regressive/child-like or if there was anything sexual), types of dress and even spanking in that context and in  a open and respectful way.

While the internet is the internet so you don’t give away lots of personal stuff, it was actually quiet enjoyable to just be open about this side of life, how my Caregiver likes me in uniform and the role of traditional spanking, the sort that was everywhere including references to it in our comics to the point you could nominate a school for a whacking in a weekly competition at one time plays a part in it.


In some ways things such as reduced use in state education in come countries whatever the arguments around  it may be has come at the price of seeing spanking as purely an adult kink (not that’s anything wrong with adult kinks) rather than just child discipline that in the context of age regression and the world of littles is just a continuation on of this for people of legal adult age.

To be able to talk openly about this to regular people, explaining how it without shame or ridicule from any angle was a breakthrough for me.



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