Random Saturday edition

First off I see more followers which is always appreciated coupled with  more ‘likes’ which strangely enough was something at a non cg/l, non spanking site people were talking about, things such as if you have ‘like’ as a option, would people just do a supermarket dash down the likes and not make any comments on the post itself? If you comment keeping pretty much to the Golden Rules, I’d be delighted simply because that about sharing experiences and takes on this life life and where spanking slots into it.

The other thing is the number of sites that seem to just seem to disappear such as a traditional girls story discussion board I wanted to join, Spanking Therapy that became Spanking Haven,  where I did hold an account  and linepunishment.com although with ST, it seems to be to Spanking Needs benefit as that site has been more active since and maybe for that audience one good site is better?

Although much has been written at my regular blog about it, I have actually got around to replacing all my altered first ten Secret Seven books for originals and all twenty-one Famous Fives which by my standards around procrastination is pretty impressive so I’ve been busy removing the modern ones ready take to a charity collection cos they’re in great condition so they could be enjoyed by someone I’m sure. I may explore one two other girls only classic school novels not least cos there’s a part of me that loves being back in time and behind a wooden desk and I have new pleated skirt!


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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