Pre-awayday edition


You haven’t got the wrong day, honestly, although for a period earlier in this week, I as a day out(!) it’s just that I’m getting this done as I have a lot of things to do this weekend ready for next week.

You see next week, there will not be an edition of this blog for no better a reason than I shall be away from my computers for a few days as I shall be away with friends and house rules are that I’m not to bring electronics with me (as for that matter will everyone else) so we do interact with each other face to face undertaking various activities together.

Then obviously there’s sorting you clothes although for me that’s simple as the person looking after me will specify the uniform I am to wear including a tie and something a bit less obvious for when we go into vanilla space to share a meal out so all I have to is bring with me them and wear them correctly.

I also have to help out too as part of the process of helping me grow up a bit .


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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