On Paws and triggered


It’s Friday so in the dim and distant past on some sites I’d place a entry about one or more external blog entries and that as far as I’m aware I would do although I will be taking a bit of a break from one site as a discussion that accidentally broke out when someone made observation public that started a discussion involving a topic that was both generally not permitted and also a big trigger with me because it touched on a very negative experience from childhood, leaving me shaking badly. Without going into  lots of detail my home life as child had a good deal of dread during one period outside of my being at boarding school that thank God gave me a break from it with stuff being tossed the room, threats to call out the cops and also inappropriate contact by anonymous grown ups and it just sent me  right back in that time shaking badly physical and feeling quite ill.
This was particularly unfortunate as I had been feeling pretty good in myself some of which was captured in the blog entry I wrote a few days ago ready to be published today as I like to keep a fairly regular publishing schedule and an aspect of the site in question was one the things that helped me in the adult/child hybrid mix  that I just am. Post 700 – moving forward

In so far as returning to the site goes, the first thing is I have to feel okay which currently I do not, then the business that lead to this needs to be concluded so I can move toward working through with the persons involved to a state of closure not just for me although that really matters but one that deals any feelings they may have too. I’m only too well aware I need to try and deal with this in a more grown up way although frankly relating to people as adult to adult is just not in there for me. Until next time,byes.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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