Computerized crap


What a week when I was supposed to be recovering from that stuff I mentioned last week,  I spend neigh on six days without email as an email provider didn’t sort out a out of date Security Certificate  and failed completely to communicate the problem, the steps it was taking and even the fact it is  now back on its own site. I’ve needless to say made other arrangements  as I need reliable email with proper support as much as I liked its integration with cute ecards and stamps.

Then there is the growing antagonism at Tumblr  where  people who do feel repulsed by sex as littles get extremely aggressive toward people which would not be so bad other than they do have no idea whatsoever about your life and specifically about Caregiver/little relationships.

The first and most obvious thing to say is everybody’s relationship is what those involved make of it and for me it always was and is entirely non-sexual for reasons I need not go into on this blog. Nor does it feature bdsm which perfectly fine for anyone over 18 if you do as it is just that a person who literally helps dress, feed, keep my life on track and keep an eye on me when I’m very regressed so I’m safe. Yes I am spanked from time to time but that’s just as it was in boarding school and certainly nothing at all to with s/m or sex coming from a child-like discipline spot which for me was very much a loving affectionate one of people who truly cared for me as that child in the era it was.

So to be subject to such ill informed attacks and told I can’t reblog stuffies or toys by such persons when it is blindly obvious I do actually inhabit a regressed spot where I do play because of an  ideological misconception on their part that “Caregiver” is apparently ‘owned’ by kink  where a Caregiver was something you had as a disabled person doing just that and in many respects doing what could be called parenting by another name with no kink in it whatsoever just because some in DD/lg use the term and say you have a “Caregiver” is a blocking offence really takes the cake.


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One Response to Computerized crap

  1. amber says:

    Joanne, I came across your blog actually by accident and I just wanted to say a couple things after reading a couple posts.

    Never be ashamed of who you are. Never let others get you down about it.

    Fuck what they think. If I read right, I think you have a man that is satisfying your wants and desires right? He should be the only one that you care about what thinks.

    This now is in no way meant to be insulting or anything, it is just your lifestyle is not part of mine. I do not understand the “little/daddy” thing and I doubt I ever will. So, I probably wont be back.

    Stay well and I wish you all the very best. Merry Christmas (yeah, I know, real early lol ) but I probably wont see you again.

    amber xxx


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