Getting back in my headspace


There are times believe me I get beyond butterflies in the stomach, I sit up very much in a body hugging pose trying to hold it together like carrying blancmange and just as effective in reality.  This just the last few days this week.

I’d thought I’d negotiated the double triggering as out of the blue a member of of one of Tumblrs many communities said “You can’t tag this (their tag) and another I’d used for a good while even though I was never a member of that group, just following some of them before blocking me. Then the next day I had a “Please refrain from using x tag on your blog” to which I replied “Okay, thank you” thinking polite compliance might be a better idea only to find the same person had put on on a community block list on a trumped up charge and then having a number of them block me.

“Well, thank you, you kind people who try come over as the good guys” thought I and promptly carried out a number of changes such as changing the URL to make the block ineffective, changing the user name  and title of the blog and avatar plus a few posts to make it harder for any other their Communities vigilantes to track me down and setting some posts to come out while their main people are sleeping. Honestly it’s worse than any school playground.

Ironically their arch enemies dislike discourse especially petty anti stuff  when just getting in little headspace and after this last few days I have come round to their way of thinking . Don’t argue about the terminology and it’s origins, just get on with it and post anything you’d be happy for a actual child to see instead! So I created a brand new tumblr for just that!!!


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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