2016 review or why this is the life for me

So less than a day to go after the season of seeing neighbours, family and friends around of opening presents, some of which may of been surprises which to be truthful I prefer with the amount of the little girl wonder that is in me but I’m looking over how this last year has been to and for me.

I might just start by saying some of less good things in the last few months have been connected in part with what this site is partly about and arguments by people who believe any age regression can only be pretty and fluffy and very modern day minor safe and some who at a more ‘kink’ end think that see something such as spanking as adult sexual where as for  me it’s a part of my regressed childhood (not getting into child spanking arguments here just saying it was back then) and anything connecting that threatens them they don’t want around although it’s neither illegal and if I do use any images they’re of models typical from spanking studios who are 18+ on media flagged as “Adult” 18+.

Be that as it may, we remember this whole thing resumed back in 2014 because I -and it is I here that matters – was an legal adult with the headspace more of a child messing up badly, not getting important things done, getting into hissy fits in a sub teen stroppy meltdown, disrespecting every authority figure who in my mind hadn’t any cos I was Princess Jo who always had to have the last say.

There was something of an irony in my wanting in my heart of hearts for this to stop but being both unable to stop myself and that nobody would stop me, instead saying things like “you can’t carry on like that” as if letting me go even was going to it better cos all that could happen is I’d run out of people who could be of some use to me and I’d be going down hill in a lot more ways being less able than most even to cope by myself.

You could say it was an ethical dilemma:  go on the basis assuming I’d learn by losing people the consequences of my behaviour although I’d be at grave risk of self neglect or whither or not to ask someone to you could trust to treat you more like a few people did back then as a child and while working on behaviour and expectations, spank me instead. I chose to have my bottom spanked as this adult/child hybrid because I thought this might well be a better idea for me cos I’d still be ‘looked after’ which with all my problems, I do need.

When this came in it took some getting used to again  and  I found people who knew me who by mutual agreement were also prepared  to spank me just as necessary with nothing really ‘adult’ going on in private because they saw how this approach was making a difference for the better with me and that made as we went into this year being around people as I started to learn the unwritten social norms, doing what I was told if I needed to be told to stop something and I increasingly learned to be a bit more mature – mature by the standards of a child with a similar developmental age – which was a considerable improvement.

Over the year I learned to make more use of the abilities I had by very structured studying where I agreed to give up some free time to help with basic math and english as well as working on concentration plus working to my highest possible level. I was not allowed to play a disability card but expected to work on managing it more even being spanked on the spot for spillage I was capable of avoiding by paying the attention I could to what I was doing. They were making me grow up and amazingly it really worked!


In 2017, for me this will mixture of guidance support and spanking will continue  because that’s what we’ve agreed on simply because for me – and it is me that matters – it is really making a difference to better in my life. Please do support not just it but my right to way of living with are regression as someone who is 18+ to whom this is just me being me with less stresses from pretending to function at a level I truly don’t, getting into serious danger because no amount of sophistication can hide my only too real vulnerabilities that deserve being protected.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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  1. I perfectly understand you. You’re an adult and you can do whatever you wanr


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