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Regressed weekend

I’m a day early for a reason really which will become apparent as I write this however the week so far in has gone quite well even though I was poorly on Tuesday so had to take things steady, and … Continue reading

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Welfare and Tumblr Anniversary

There’s two main things I wish to talk about today on here of which I think the most important one which is the well-being of the one getting spankedĀ  by their disciplinarian which was brought to light by a entry … Continue reading

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Musings on Study Saturday

The week has been an interesting one with me talking more freely with people about what makes me, well me, not just all that scientific and psychological language given to my many conditions that often feels inadequate at really describing … Continue reading

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Cause and effect

We are at the very beginning of the New Year and last week by way of both a recap on why I and this blog happens to be here and also of a overview of last year from both a … Continue reading

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