Musings on Study Saturday

The week has been an interesting one with me talking more freely with people about what makes me, well me, not just all that scientific and psychological language given to my many conditions that often feels inadequate at really describing the experience but also what it means in everyday situations  which did shock a few people because some of those things are very much vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities others can prey and take advantage of.

Now while I’m not at one with dumping a shedload on people emotionally although to be truthful I’ve used that before now to get stuff for me, actually that felt good not that they made any kind of offer but for just being open about it rather than glossing over it cos however you wrap this up I need protection in certain situations.

As well, I have been dealing with Tumblr – no not yet more discourse but actually sorting out why a couple of super desirable features didn’t work which after some working out had something to do with messing up the codes in the themes Tumblr like WordPress and Googles Blogger offer you and now that’s fine. I remade the About page although the editor on Tumblr isn’t a patch on WordPress and while the one here has multiple pictures, I couldn’t get it to do more than one without all the edit buttons like picture insert disappearing. That reminds me to review the stand alone pages on here as they’re getting on twenty four months old.

Also I’ve been working on a couple of littles related things such as the Music Quiz for our Winter get together which I will be doing – another sign of me having to contribute something to something I also get things from and organizing the transport as I’m unable to drive.

If that wasn’t enough to be getting on with I’ve been asked  to visit one of my “adult” friends which apart from sharing a meal with them and another mutual, does mean some studying and helping out which there was a less than subtle hint I may be helping with cooking the meal!

The nature of our relationship  is one that any infractions on my part will no longer go without being me being disciplined on the spot for them and in the full knowledge of any other “adults” present. 2017 is definitely shaping up to the year of more accountability!



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