Welfare and Tumblr Anniversary

There’s two main things I wish to talk about today on here of which I think the most important one which is the well-being of the one getting spanked  by their disciplinarian which was brought to light by a entry and discourse on SN and naturally I won’t name names. The essence of the post was they had had been spanked so hard as severely bruised left in extreme pain with severe swelling, passing out and being sick with a strong suggestion any safeword wasn’t respected.

What concerned me was the individual to have passed out and been sick must of been in such severe trauma while being spanked and yet the spanker had either not noticed, which is his responsibility or failed to take account of how the individual was reacting in real time, adjusting spanking technique, deferring any ‘owed’ swats and even halting it where needed for the persons medical well-being. They just carried on regardless leaving the individual in the state they were.

I won’t pull any punches here and so am gonna say outright what he did was flat out wrong because he showed no respect for the welfare of the spankee, left them in what can only be described as an appalling  state requiring treatment for pain and swelling never mind psychological impact. This was abusive and looked more like a ‘beating’ beloved of gangsters than anything having truly discipline at its core.



The second thing was the First Anniversary of my Cg/l age regressed with spanking Joanne’s Schoolroom Tumblr which was on Friday  that you may recall me mentioning this time last year when following some argy-bargy  between a well known publisher, Tumblr and myself, Tumblr axed two of my Tumblrs by blowing up the account. At the time it had something like 600 followers and over 5,000 posts that dated back to July 2013 where I first discovered Cg/l  and spanking for adults in a more child-like discipline way rather than anything to with adult sexuality or bdsm that in time lead to me articulating this “need”  to people who could explore it with me.

You can see that it was so important to me personally, that I just had to remake it this time on a single Tumblr finding some posts that had been ‘cached’ and others that my BFF and few other people had reblogged so I was able to restore about a third of the posts relating to spanking and a few handfuls of the Cg/l and littles related posts although one single very personal post about my relationship  to a Headteacher hasn’t been found that continues to gnaw at me. Actually the reason it gained its title was the school and the classroom were places where I was safe from some really nasty stuff in my parents life at home, being a real refuge in an environment that included spanking and that spanked me where needed so emotionally this is my safe zone. Some measure of which was sleeping at the time with a teddy named after the headteacher at a school that caned me because I always felt safe around him and his school, that outside of things like play or colouring, I do enjoy being sat at  desk studying.

In a way although I regret the loss of the original Tumblrs, the seamless integration of  play, cute things, my relationship to my Caregiver and other similarly empowered ‘adults’, studying and spanking in the remade Tumblr mirror the adult but little/middle regressed me of now and to large extent of the then child. Spanking was and is just a part of that life, not the whole. A need now properly met in a caring setting.


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