Regressed weekend

I’m a day early for a reason really which will become apparent as I write this however the week so far in has gone quite well even though I was poorly on Tuesday so had to take things steady, and item I bought needed the plastic case changing as a corner piece had got broken in the mail.


It’s going to be a weekend of regressed stuff, not really role play cos I’m in that headspace pretty much all of the time but more one when I’ll be with a few friends who’ll set me some schoolwork to do, have me helping in the kitchen, all in uniform and by agreement if I mess up then they’ll spank me.

It’s kinda funny I guess but I find time like that less stressful for just thinking more inline with my capabilities rather than trying act more as an adult, not that in this setting I don’t have to show some maturity, cos I most certainly do but it’s all on the level I can understand and that’s part of the reason they do this.

It’s to bring forward some of that maturity I am capable of and extinguish the less mature aspects I have which have been a problem of mine since-well being a young kid,where even then a good many folks wouldn’t of accepted them either.

This weekend like some of the others then is super important to me.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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