Jo is taught a painful lesson

I’m writing this today as I have a few things to do tomorrow in connection with being away for six days from Next Friday so of you hadn’t worked that out it means apart from no interaction on my SchoolRoom Tumblr or at SN, I also won’t be around to post anything on here. Plus obviously I have a number if other things to do across the week before I’m   finally off.

I’m going to write about of my last time away, from last weekend because as painful as it maybe in more than one sense for one thing it’s a bit more definitive than bits I’ve mentioned in other places and for another it is important, relevant to this blog.

This bit I have mentioned at one site but was pretty important which was I was travelling by rail to the person who looks after me and for no good reason I did not check before departing from either the day before when one message was sent or while actually travelling my cellphones messages to confirm what time I was arriving (plus was everything still okay) and on which platform I might be found. I had checked my computer and sent a message to say I was on my way but that didn’t answer their questions.

When I did find them, needless to say on wrong platform frantically waving at me to make my way along the steps to the approach to the concourse, they showed real concern not being sure if I was on the right train, if I was well and so  on. I was not expecting any further repercussions before I got in their car the short distance to where the lived where after taking my coat off I was called into the front room, scolded and then informed to assume position across a school desk where they said they was going to spanked for this and so gave me twenty hard hand  spanks on the bare. I now have to check for messages and respond straightaway. This was good start to the weekend!

We then started on formal lessons, this time Math which to be honest is both something I’m not really good at but did do fairly well on other than I on a couple of occasions I failed to pay attention to the questions even though I could of so I was informed to assume position mean from the chair I was sat in I had to walk around to the longer side of the desk and bend over it with my legs apart  while they picked the implement to use in this instance a leather strap, pulled my knickers down and proceeded to give me quite a strapping across my bottom


Then I got a bit cheeky during the english language part so was ordered across the desk and this time they bought out something that really left an impression on me before, the Tawse so again they pulled my kickers right down and used that over twelve times with some force on me. Then later on we had guests who were informed about my behaviour across the day in clear earshot having to listen to them supporting how I’d been disciplined before being called over, bent over a chair and hand spanked across my skirt in front of them which made me feel very small.

As I’m typing this I am feeling very very contrite in part for realizing how I had caused them concern for my well-being apart from inconveniencing them from the start and then letting myself down by my attitudes later on. In so many ways this was the more unfortunate for the work I did was actually to a pretty decent standard, being praised for it and when it came to cookery I really put a lot into it my disabilities aside.

The weekend then could of been that much better all around for those three things for which my bottom feels still very sore around the sit spots but it was a memorable weekend  because I just was treated very much as I deserved to be with my disability being no reason to spare me from what I had earned and that I shall learn from from now on.





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