Rested round up

It’s been an odd kind off a week with being ahead of my usually blogging cycle for once so at one level I haven’t been so busy but in other ways I’ve had bit more on my mind not least from finding more around my brothers ongoing dispute with his employer about how he’s been treated that had been concerning me since before Christmas. At least now he’s taking this seriously and using a solicitor who specializes in employment matters to pursue it.

tumblr_oe11v4avyu1v8vvaro2_1280The other thing is the perils of online communication where a group of people attacked a friend who was trying to make a master list of age regression communities on tumblr where for sure she had made some mistakes with definitions but the bulk of the hate mail was because they didn’t want each others groups on one page of post together as if they couldn’t stand the sight of each others name next to each other. How infantile can you get throwing hissy fits, demanding their entry be removed and so on. To be honest it just reinforced why I’m so glad to be in the tolerant more grown up community I am with it at Tumblr.

My caregiver and I had a necessary conversation when I talked about my best friend  and the conversations we have where we needed to know a little about her and also reminded me of my responsibilities in not leading her astray so she’d be in  trouble. I was also reminded that if I did, then I would be disciplined by him very firmly for my part in it no matter what she’d get not just for my responsibility in it but also for letting him down. It was an awkward conversation in some respects but it’s one I’m glad he had with me me cos I know exactly where I stand which is something that helps.


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