Around the sun reflections

There’s a few things coming up real soon that do put things into focus such as having a birthday and some of the intra-family issues associated that plus Mom’s birthday and an interesting part of  of one persons introductory  post at a site.

To say our family life is a drama is an understatement with one that seems to go into a sulk that lasts for months for the slightest thing and caps it by completely ignoring me, another who just doesn’t speak for weeks, not even getting back to messages with both seeming to think we should all on Facebook  although there’s no more than twenty miles distance  between us and all this is placing a toll on my folks well being.

As for me, well you’ve read the blog so I was being a “Wild Child” way beyond high school and college for a long long time adding to my folks worries both outside the family and in cos really I needed someone to tame me and for a very long time, when even I could see this wasn’t good and wanted it to change far from changing it, they were enabling it to continue.

So it’s ironic that currently after that inner-child taming for the remaining issues I’m the almost responsible one they look to even though they had little to do with  it and are mainly oblivious to whole chunks of what I went looking for  and against the odds got.


Guidance, support and a spanking whenever I mess up because I really needed to grow up and it sounds ironic but going back to the structures I could follow and a clear set of consequences more like that of a child, I am not just doing better when it comes to my behaviour, I am actually starting to think more responsibly about things. People are actually spotting that!

Seeing it is  my birthday soon ™, I would like to thank the people at certain sites such as SN for encouraging me in moving on and my Caregiver and others for their support in working on my attitudes and behaviours and for being prepared to give me the spankings that when I fell short I asked for because you taught me valuable lessons I needed.


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