A tale of two siblings

I’m writing this today cos I may be busy working on a collaboration with somebody  this weekend so I’ll need to keep more to their timescale than my own.

I wasn’t expecting to be writing this but actually one think that happened on the Monday was my older brother did turn up and had a very interesting conversation that kind of connects to this blog by both subject and that parts of it play a negative part in my life.

The subject is my younger brother, younger by a few years according the birth certificate and his attitudes and behaviours that have caused a lot of problems over the years to people such as just point blank refusing to speak to me even if I’m in the same room, always starting rows in stores (no, not when say service is bad but just cos they don’t have what he wants), refusing to down tools when people really need help like my folks preferring to make models instead, only contacting when he not just only wants but demands things while not offering to do anything for others.

Much of this is hardly new to me, god knows he bullied me, extorted pocket money, blamed me for stuff I never did when were kids together and I was home but the next bit really took me by surprise. He  actually started a massive public verbal rant on a very well known social media site with his wife  tearing her to shreds, copying him in for days on end. Honestly and my older brother actually felt he needed to make them remove it all and then verbally chastise the pair of them. He had to act as a parental style influence on both of them!

He wasn’t just delivering the message though, he was checking MY attitudes by getting me to talk about these situations and letting it be known to me what his standards are and that he’d intervene if ANY of us where being less than ‘grown up’  carrying on especially if it affected our folks or if it was in public spaces. It’s not that he’s unaware I’m very child-like just he won’t stand for childish behaviour. He was being ‘Big Brother’ again.

In some respects though my younger brother and I are more similar, we both had immature traits growing up those of mine are kinda well document here  and a good reason they persisted was that for the most part our folks being conflicted over disciplining seldom moved from the “I’m disappointed in you” so they persisted well into adulthood.


To be honest, I think he needed much more input, working on his attitudes and not least spanking a few times when he let himself and others down in much the same way I did.


The difference now is in effect he run away from any kind of influence using work routines and technology to put up barriers, not mixing with and from that learning social norms with colleagues and had a more reserved partner who wasn’t prepared to stand up to him. With me things have been different, most of my work involved some social interaction with colleagues and people such as my friends and Caregiver have take up the slack when it comes to dealing with my immaturity providing the guidance I never had including spanking to drive the point home.  I think I have the better deal because from where my older brother is looking I’m the one who is becoming more mature because I’ve accepted the need for guidance, structures and being disciplined so I do move on.




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