Think I’ll begin by saying thank you to the person who commented on last weeks entry which was pretty much from a direct line to my emotions and to the latest person to follow this blog which is written very much on the hoof.

Part as distraction to other sadder business over here with the terrorist attack on Wednesday afternoon, I spent a bit of time with a few friends online school roleplaying which got me sent for six of the best for cheek and the headgirl in trouble for here attitude with a clear threat of punishment for her overbearing haughty attitude which wasn’t so far removed from how life was for some of us way back when.

Something I think I’ll talk about is about the rituals around spanking and in particular from the moment you are told you will be cos wherever you’re coming from this is a bit of post adult ‘rolling back’ you might struggle with even if the proposition of being spanked as an adult is one you accept.

Different people do it differently- some might go to a grab and drag  to a chair or lap and others still will call you to where you are required and you will be expected to get into position.


For me it begins with being called over from either being sat or from where I’m stood to where they are where they will pull the back of my skirt or dress up as they scold me (they don’t use lots of words but it will include what I did, why I should be spanked and that I am going to be.

From then on I am told to to position myself over a chair or table, with little room between my body and it’s edge, hands positioned in front for both good grip and also to keep them occupied.  I will have my position fine tuned by them pushing my body into the exact spot my bottom will be best presented, slapping my exposed knicker clad cheeks each step just to remind me of its exposed state.

I will then be told to stay still  as the put their hands in the elastic of my knickers pulling them right down as they slap my cheek firmly before the implement(s) are applied.

I actual find this whole ritual quite comforting  for being delivered in calm matter of fact way as it has engaged me with my punishment directly, requiring me take an active part in not just offering my bottom for correction but allow it to be bared to make it more effective not just in terms of the pain but also feeling that bit more shamed so it will deter me more.

What happens after I have been told it is over can vary but usually includes corner time , talking about what I did, what I can do better and if there was anything that they could of done to help me.

Until next time…


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One Response to Rituals

  1. Larry says:

    I read your post and loved it. My mother had this long drawn out spanking ritual. When I was bad, my mother negotiated everything, what implement was to be used, the position, whether it was over my pants, underwear or bare-bottom, and finally, the number of spanks. The ultimate punishment being bare bottomed, lying on the bed, with the belt. I can remember so strongly the stress and emotion of going through that process.


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