Messed that up,eh?

It’s a new month today and have you seen a white rabbit anywhere?

I have sometimes a tendency to either leap to conclusions or just lash out at times although it is fair to say in the last two and a bit years I have been getting a lot better , taking more time to think about what it is I am saying or just what I’m thinking of of acting on might lead me as well as any other impact such as those on the recieving end of them.

I don’t really know what got over me Monday but a person posted something in a Introduction thread on a site that lead to me and one other lashing out. Well, that’s not entirely true because for me a big chunk of it was the lack of a recognizable introduction from someone who’d been posting a bit before going straight into what I and a n other saw as a spanking story and I saw that as spamming a thread for introductions and typed something rather brisk and harsh in their thread.

It now transpires this was an actual ‘real life’ account and we have hurt this person quite badly.

Having mentioned it to my Caregiver, I have been told off for it and been spanked firmly with the wooden hairbrush which really stings.


I would like to apologize for my behaviour on Monday and that post. Sorry, Jo.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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2 Responses to Messed that up,eh?

  1. paolomarks says:

    Do you feel better for the spanking Jo?

    I recognise the impulse to respond (or lash out) at someone who appears as disrespectful/or rude online. However as time passes, our intial ‘lashing out’ never looks good to us when we read it back. Counting to 10 has always worked for myself. We are in control of what comes out of our own mouths, but have no control on what comes out of others.


    • Joanne says:

      Seeing Palomomarks kindly commented on this entry I thought I’d post a brief answer.
      While I don’t enjoy sitting here with a very sore bottom not being the kind of person who ‘likes’ pain, I do think this spanking was needed because while I feel I had reason to be irritated, I had a choice on how to respond and that choice affected the person out of all proportion to my irritation. To me then, I do feel better for being spanked not just because of how what did hurt that person but also because he has brought closure on my feelings of guilt because having been disciplined, it is all ‘spent’.


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