Joanne’s Dorm and the need for discipline

It’s been a strange week of encountering different people at differing places so you start that oh so nerve wracking introduction business you though you had sorted for a few months going through the motions of explaining yourself and your life all over again.

On the other hand my BFF and I’s idea of having on our Age Regression with spanking tumblr a B.Y.F, that’s for those who don’t speak fluent Tumblrese a Before You Follow page where we say what sorts of people we don’t to follow or interact in any way, shape or form seems to have helped as we we getting lots of people who post sexually explicit pictures or sexual comment on our nonsexual posts and just generally disrespecting boundaries, is working well. We might be the only spanking connected tumblrs with them!

Then there was an interesting person from the UK who was following some posts on Similar Worlds and talking about them, I’m not on their all the time and my Caregivers rules are no photos to others so I don’t have instagrams and that but they made some good points that tie in with something else I did last week.


“Your individual discipline matters. Always.” was not something I was kind of expecting although I do appreciate honest feedback if I write about something I have done or how someone has chosen to deal with what I did because it is what I need to have and to make an appropriate adjustment to in order to grow up even within my own limits.

You see, that takes us on to why it is I’ve redone the blogger blog which was originally started in the days of my time on Experience Project and around the point when additional guidance, structure and the use of spanking on me came in because in reality it’s less a “spanking blog” but more a blog about discipline including learning to master your own feelings and emotions as well as about the guidance I am given and where needed traditional corporal punishment to cause me to think more about my actions and attitudes and to change them.

It wasn’t so much Punishment that I needed and do need but discipline – the act of training me up to be more mature, to think more about what I do before I do it and to assume greater personal responsibility backed up with spanking. Writing about my feelings does help in making me more aware of them so I can better master them, learning to make a good response even in a trying situation.

Joanne's Dorm Header CR BASE 1000

They were right to say “Discipline is key” and so the purpose of that blog is to help me in the wider sense become more disciplined not just when I mess up and I have to be honest and say I need to be but also to become more self disciplined in my attitude and behaviour in myself and in my social interaction with others by talking about what I have done, how I feel, what other people feel about me and how they have dealt with it.


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