What I did although I was Pawley

You could call this the eventually edition cos I felt short of several spoons for most of this week, having to cut back on the contributions I usually make to several sites to ensure those things that do matter more to me not least my own well being are attended too.

As unfortunately one gets used to at anywhere you mention spanking you get people messaging you wanting to be that person with the paddle with no real emotional rapport just a girls butt to bruise and redden when they’re not wanting sexual stuff of which and more is explained on a About Me profile that I’m just not into or gonna hook up with you over.

It’s a pity cos there are some nice intelligent people trying to understand how spanking, being a little and coping with my disabilities is like as a package although I feel more comfortable at SN and more closer to people.

In a round about way I didn’t do too much with being off colour but did make a remarked on post about may day on my regular sfw blog, talked about how disability issues are so off the agenda in Great Britain’s General Election on Jo’s Dorm blog (and have a super little post due for Wednesday!) and have been tidying up my original big blog which until later last year had been dormant.

Part of that was how I’ve changed, that rather than trying on a blog form to impersonate the full adult person I’m not, I’m just being me open about how my life is, saying more or less follow if you’re interested on my Sfw littles on or just move on so I was struggle to say a reason to use it.

In effect it was parked because the stuff that as was not so little such as current affairs and the like just wasn’t on my horizon but as over the year not least after that European Union referendum I needed a place to process and dump that stuff so it didn’t trouble in the way it had before  making me mentally ill so I reactiviated it coming more as that lower high school kid who knew and talked about what was in the news rather playing roles dead centre to it. I decide to be brave and come out about being a little/middle on it too.

That about from my BFF keeping an eye on me  is what I have been working, tidying it up as I’d left it a bit messy in places with incomplete entries and just bits of random stuff so seeing I am growing up a bit I can learn to apply some discipline to keeping my more serious blog tidy in much the same I would of been expected to hand in well put together project back then.

I may of been short on spoons but I did get some good stuff  done!


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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