I’m Jo and I’m Ticked Off


The week here starts with a couple of irritants of which the first is when you read a comment on a blog that’s to tell people who to block saying something like “they seem to follow all the rules-so to speak-but I noticed they wrote something about age regression” and the blog owner writes that they ought to be suspicious as it it is a way of getting minors into kink, can you blame me for feeling like exploding?

Thing is in the first instance, except for talking about spanking and the use of 18+ spanking images from well known adult service photo and video producers, everything else on that Tumblr which is flagged as NSFW, no minors  allowed is just age regression and in the context I talk about isn’t say bdsm adult power exchange or sex at all.

Second thing is it really makes me puke as someone who is both asexual and also had a career in child protection that someone who has no idea about my life can even publicly speculate that I post it to attract minors and if I didn’t I’d be into bdsm when it is not visible to minors and fully conforms to Tumblrs TOC. How dare YOU view my life based on your kinks as speculate that’s what it’s about just cos I don’t follow your lifestyles ideas and especially when I have posted expressly that I don’t agree with minors involved in adult kink spaces such as bdsm and that I’d report them. They are so wrapped around protecting their kink they’d besmirch my character to save their own image.

I’m sticking two fingers up at them (and believe me I can think of other places to put them) and if that is what your community really is like, well I’m mighty glad I never shared a space with it.

Second thing, same site because I belong to one age regression community totally SFW, minor safe nada another group say because I use a little word like ‘little’ we’re so kink that I can’t join disability groups for developmentally disabled regressors thinking somehow I’m gonna lead people to Miss Whiplash and Super Sexy Games as if I’m even interested in that stuff. Groups that might even benefit me in learning to handle my disabilities better. Honestly this stuff really ticks me off big time no wonder I need maintenance spankings at times!


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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