In for the count?

Unlike perhaps a good number of people today, I did grow up in the era that did allow for spanking in such settings as schools where it was seen pretty much as the natural consequence for breaking the rules and like every generation before and since there always is a point several of you start to get a little antsy, a little like starting a rumble in the classroom or sports field having been ever so meek and mild for a good period of time.

The reason I kind of bring that up isn’t to discuss the pros and cons but cos I’m rather curious about where that whole notion of counting ones licks really comes from as nobody in my schools or even in homes, ever had the “One. Thank you Miss, Two than you Miss” etc counting routine in spanking. You were lucky if you told how many you were to be given before hand.

Rather like bare bottom spanking in schools which never happened at co-ed schools in the classroom but played out in role plays and photo shoots, sometimes I wonder if we’re creating a spanking mythology, that as enjoyable (if a well warmed bottom can be described as such) as it is has no part in the realities and the recreation thereof in either a role playing setting or in an age regression with spanking life as lived?

The one thing around when people give me the spankings I need for my attitudes and behaviour I like the most is that they never tell me how many, only how and when I will be so at the point of spanking my focus is on what I did plus the pain being delivered to my bottom as the consequence for my actions until they determine it has sunk in.

I find that works much better at maintaining the connection between action and consequence so I do learn to modify those behaviours and attitudes. Any thoughts?


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2 Responses to In for the count?

  1. paolomarks says:

    We write our own scripts…

    Yes I do have the same difficulty understanding were the counting of cane strokes – the baring of bottoms for spanking came about – It is not how I remember school corporal punishments back in the day.

    However, I have recognised we are all adults now – and we make the rules. We write our own scripts to the where, when and how we incorporate spanking and discipline in our lives today!


  2. lurvspanking says:

    School spankings are not back in the day in the States. Hundreds of thousands of children are paddled and spanked in schools every year.

    Counting seems to be mostly a place holder for fiction and video to move the action along.


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