In case you all were wondering as to what happened to last weeks blog, the short answer was the previous Monday’s terrorism bombing had really pushed my mind  right back to how those events during my childhood had really messed me up and I was stuck there cos that’s when my whole world innocently playing ended end I starting having issues with social anxiety, forever expecting every time my folk were in the cities, they’d never ever come to me when I was at Grandma’s as incidents and threats were coming in on the radio and tv.

I’m still somewhat out of it to be honest which is also why my forum activity has been lower than normal, struggling to find the enthusiasm for more grown up activities when all I feel like doing is cuddling up to my stuffies.

I also have spend some time trying to play with my dolls on the basis that regressed time I’m in would benefit from something that both calms me down and would through play help me deal with my emotions better.

With any luck, I feel more up to talking about more regular things on here by next week.

Regards Jo.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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