The Elephant in the room

There’s lovely idiom one that works in both North American and British English that describes a situation I feel the need badly to get off my chest and it applies to what I’m about, this blog’s about and “That Thing We Do”.


It’s that expression for that thing we can see, that we know is there and yet we seem so reluctant to accept is sharing the spaces we are in and will always try snuck right back through the door.

We all know there is such a thing as a ‘romance’ around spanking, that keeping things nice and polite some people do get off on reading about spanking experiences, especially the sort that give detailed descriptions of how the persons were dressed, how each and every stroke was delivered with glistening detail to how their bottom looked. Indeed there is quite a market for such ‘adult’ reading material whatever you may think either of its quality or or appropriateness  but if you are a place about discussing spanking as both a need and as a therapy for your individual needs (which I openly admit to), you may feel there is a point where such a place might become focused on just the sharing of such spanking romances.

But wait, there is something more a very big elephant, it truly concerns me and it is  this: You may have as I do a past in childhood that featured spanking to which again I do not deny but while on a site to mention this as it may inform say your spanking position preferences might appear to be one thing it can lead to two dangerous areas on what are ADULT 18+ sites.

The first is you soon -and we have seen it before – get a drive by attack of people who are writing accounts that may be ‘stories’ of children but more worrying may be actual accounts of minor spanking as entertainment for adults which comes close to the fetishing even sexual fetishing of children.

My name may well be Jo, a Middle/little with developmental disabilities but I’m not that stoopid to see this is really dangerous and crossing a line when it comes not just to children’s welfare but putting a site and ALL it’s members at risk of legal action.  Anyone seriously want to be investigated with no say in the matter , phones and computer paraphernalia confiscated ???

The other area is to allow discussion of the spanking of minors too which we all probably have points of view clearly leads the outsider to feel we ARE about the spanking of children when we are not as we ARE an ADULT 18+ site  as why given we’re not a parenting site we have no business getting involved in.

None of this should of itself impinge of people privately talking about their childhoods that may of included  spanking or if we’re parents or relations directly involved with our own child discussing IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACES such topics if permitted.

That is why I feel any adult spanking site needs to consider and apply proper rules for our own well-being and protection as well as that of minors.



About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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