Celebrations and ramblings

Well, this Canada Day tm you won’t find me doing an awful lot to be honest  cos for one thing it’s party time with our 150 years to celebrate and for another and typically I have a cold so I may have to stick with hot drinks.


Been a funny week talking with my BFF the number of times we somehow end up crossing the road with our footwear right in a rain  puddle soaking our shoes and tights to the point those in charge of us while not getting super angry with us, needless to say smack our bottoms a few times for being careless about how we cross the road and how come we never noticed that puddle.

I’ve been working on re-copying come of my cds to play on my music player especially when I’m unwell as the thing that converts the cd to a smaller file (the codec) I was using in copying program at one point seems to really mess up the sound so without getting too technical I’ve replaced the files in AAC format done with fdk-acc for Mp3 format ones done with Lame which sound a lot better. While I’ve been doing that they’ve been working on a new blog for 40K Gaming and painting models messaging each other which is fun.

Going back to my last entry about the mysterious person who ahem wanted to turn my bottom red, well that was the last I heard from him! Until next week, have fun!


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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