Remake, remodel


Phew, its been a warm week here leaving me struggling to do much after say washing up a few nights outside of listening to some music and talking with my BFF  for a short while about various things.

One thing has been what to do about my secondary Tumblr because it’s had a number of problems ever since I restored it in late January 2016 some of which stem from being a secondary of a very much safe for work age regression tumblr so I had people following the ‘wrong’ tumblr and a bigger problem with people following the right one for the ‘wrong’ reasons expecting to be a very sexual tumblr and posting my own stuff on theirs that brings more of the same.

We all know for me age regression and also speaking that in my instance features in was never about roleplaying someone younger for ‘adult’ sexual reasons at all and the ramifications of that just freak me out never mind unsolicited advances and porn people following.

Well I’m remaking it as there’s only just a few people who I interact with – generally people who are age regressors with caregivers who do spank when we mess up and to get away from a lot of those other characters.

I *may* be away next weekend – it’s all a bit up in the air – with friends who have already reminded me if act up they will have no qualms about spanking me quite firmly to teach me a lesson if they judge I’m needing it. I’m just grateful people care that much to help me learn to behave appropriately given my past issues.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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