Random thoughts from last week


I did get away as those who read my other blogs will be aware although it was somewhat more last minute than I normally care for so I was rather busy packing apart from having a migraine in the middle of last week and being sick with gone off milk the day before.

That’s why we didn’t have an entry last weekend, I was so low on spoons I wasn’t able to make one Friday morning in an hour before setting out even. Anyway although it rained, we had a good time at a friends having an indoor picnic rather than the outdoor one we planned playing and chatting with each other.

As well I did mess up the Friday afternoon stopping with the person who looks after me so it was instant bend over and ten hard smacks over my knickers and all over and done with which is just how my life actually is rather than some bdsm based thing which is cool if that’s you.

My remade Tumblr is working out fine being more for age regressed me with the odd bit of discipline based spanking mixed in it reflecting just how this life is with me a very child-like life from my era focus having fun, enjoying cute things playing much more cos this life was never about ritual pain and humiliation in the way sadly some have just presumed on the basis that because they see spanking content, then what they get from is the same for me. That Tumblr is never less than 92% safe for work, is completely non-sexual and that includes the tiny portion of spanking only having ‘explicit’ on it to keep minors rightly away as well as anyone who may sensitive to ’18+ models posed in school context ‘ spanking images from proper adult services agencies.

Ta-rah for now and paws crosse they’ll be a post this weekend.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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