Vacationing little


There won’t be a post next week on account of it being what for all intents and periods amounts to a kind of a vacation for me albeit on where it’s share with friends that is very child-like with lots of play and yes I’ll actually be doing something for it!

That means of course I have to get myself organized such as arranging travel, sorting through clothes to wash and pack with me for six whole days, fetching the case down from by the loft and scheduling blog posts in my absence.

There is inevitably communication between the organizers and attendees like me but there’s also that between the person who looks after me too so one message I had was to say they’d packed spanking implements including the cane to use on me should my behaviour warrant it which isn’t the sort of conversation you’d get in any other context than that of littles and caregivers (or the wider spanking community).

That’s the whole thing here: It is very much a way of life that continues on no matter where we are including on day trips and vacations meeting my needs and giving them the space to show that love and care as a caregiver to me. Life couldn’t be sweeter.



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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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