Reflections from Summer Camp

It’s Saturday afternoon here the week after we had no posts cos as I mentioned the previous week I was going to be away on a kind of vacation but one designed very much for people like me so that’s why there’s a post gap and if there is a post scheduler in WordPress I sure haven’t mastered it in the I have on Googles blogger.

Anyway on my main LG blog – details on the ‘about’ page on this blog – on Monday there will be a blog entry covering what I and my friends did during this period when it comes to the activities cos in some respects it’s like Summer Camp but for legal adults with very child-like personalities which as we all know is me like totally. I mean who else could just get super excited by bubble wands running around in circles???


Or even something like a sports  day even if you’re lousy with balance and co-ordination cos you just like the dashing about and taking part?

When it comes to some of my not so good attributes that lead to the publishing of this kind of a blog following my arrival at SN actually I was pretty good, not perfect so yes I get a few brisk hand spankings for not paying proper attention to what the person who looks after me said I didn’t need to be caned both of which I’m glad about  cos for me this really is a need, never a fetish or a scene thing and my bottom needs spanking so my attitudes change their tune.

For me though this is progress however because I did more things everybody else is expected to do without having to be told to, I did exercise more maturity than I have for most of my life within what I AM capable of and of doing what I AM physical capable of. I even got an special badge for being extra helpful!



About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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