Let’s get this extra bit of a blog off to a decent start by just recognizing the obvious which is I am a little, a rather well know adult little girl, who lives a life filled with dolls, stuffies who colours, watches cartoons and in short order has the same interests pretty much as an actual child except by law I’m an adult.

It also is the case that the way I normally dress is also very much child like, living in dresses, matching skirts and tops and uniforms even.

For a stack of medical reasons not least childhood developmental reasons, my abilities such as reasoning, verbal comprehension, ability to focus on tasks and so on leave me functionally in very child-like way so in effect I’m a child in an adult body trying and usually struggling to cope with the adult world.

This leads to a lot of emotional stresses and strains that can and certain have resulted in me acting inappropriately, lashing out verbally, not complying with everyday requests and so on. And you also need to take similar care of me as if I was a child too out and about. Because of this damage, my ability to respond to things such as being told to stop is poor, What you may say when attempt to reason with me gets lost in fog leaving me confused and agitated.

That’s where spanking comes in for me as frankly the only surefire way to stop tension building up in me is a few swats and using a paddle on me when I go beyond that. You simply have treat me like a child misbehaving and give me spankings as well obviously rewards when I do good to change my behaviour and this blog is kind of about that side of me.

tumblr_n37uj8wohA1qc26qbo1_540 (1)

Putting me me in this kind of position, with my skirt pulled up, knickers taken well down with my bottom raised helps to ensure I get a really good spanking and it really helps me when you do it.

Main littles Blog: The world of Joanne-chan

I have recent established a more Middles blog entitles Joanne’s Dorm around my emotions feelings and disciplining me as they are very much key to my behaviour and learning to master them is very important in transforming my life.  Joanne’s Dorm

Update Feb 01 2016


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