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Think I’ll begin by saying thank you to the person who commented on last weeks entry which was pretty much from a direct line to my emotions and to the latest person to follow this blog which is written very … Continue reading

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When I first discovered I had this ‘need’

Talking away a bit first thing this morning rather reminded me of some thoughts I had in the past but I’d sooner  first get a couple of things over with before I start of which is thanks for those who … Continue reading

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A tale of two siblings

I’m writing this today cos I may be busy working on a collaboration with somebody  this weekend so I’ll need to keep more to their timescale than my own. I wasn’t expecting to be writing this but actually one think … Continue reading

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Around the sun reflections

There’s a few things coming up real soon that do put things into focus such as having a birthday and some of the intra-family issues associated that plus Mom’s birthday and an interesting part of  of one persons introductory  post … Continue reading

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Rested round up

It’s been an odd kind off a week with being ahead of my usually blogging cycle for once so at one level I haven’t been so busy but in other ways I’ve had bit more on my mind not least … Continue reading

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Reflections on attitudes while away

I’m planning on writing the full account of the previous seven days on my regular SFW blog ready to be published Monday but thought I’d write a few observations today on here this afternoon. Emotionally I was in a pretty … Continue reading

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Jo is taught a painful lesson

I’m writing this today as I have a few things to do tomorrow in connection with being away for six days from Next Friday so of you hadn’t worked that out it means apart from no interaction on my SchoolRoom … Continue reading

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