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In for the count?

Unlike perhaps a good number of people today, I did grow up in the era that did allow for spanking in such settings as schools where it was seen pretty much as the natural consequence for breaking the rules and … Continue reading

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I’m Jo and I’m Ticked Off

The week here starts with a couple of irritants of which the first is when you read a comment on a blog that’s to tell people who to block saying something like “they seem to follow all the rules-so to … Continue reading

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What I did although I was Pawley

You could call this the eventually edition cos I felt short of several spoons for most of this week, having to cut back on the contributions I usually make to several sites to ensure those things that do matter more … Continue reading

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Joanne’s Dorm and the need for discipline

It’s been a strange week of encountering different people at differing places so you start that oh so nerve wracking introduction business you though you had sorted for a few months going through the motions of explaining yourself and your … Continue reading

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Owning up to past offenses

This week I’m all caught up and although there are a number of things I could write about after talking with some friends during an art streaming session, there was something cos a number of them talked about the things … Continue reading

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Jo gets it together

The week  concludes very much being on the top of it even though I had an event that forced itself voluntarily when a friend  of a mutual threatened and sadly went through  with a overdose a day and bit ago. … Continue reading

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A trying week

This week hasn’t been a good week with me I’m afraid starting with a severe headache on Monday that soon moved in migraine territory lasting until Thursday so I wasn’t able to chat to my little friends which really helps … Continue reading

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