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Reflections on attitudes while away

I’m planning on writing the full account of the previous seven days on my regular SFW blog ready to be published Monday but thought I’d write a few observations today on here this afternoon. Emotionally I was in a pretty … Continue reading

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Cause and effect

We are at the very beginning of the New Year and last week by way of both a recap on why I and this blog happens to be here and also of a overview of last year from both a … Continue reading

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2016 review or why this is the life for me

So less than a day to go after the season of seeing neighbours, family and friends around of opening presents, some of which may of been surprises which to be truthful I prefer with the amount of the little girl … Continue reading

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Christmas holidays edition

I will be taking a bit of a break around the upcoming Christmas period not least because I actually have to do stuff and not sit idly  on my bottom staring at a computer for hours at a time including … Continue reading

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Tuition and discipline away

Here at last is a kind of account of the other bits from the period I was away and which ideally I’d of published and entry last Wednesday/Thursday other than with getting ready and all that I simply run  out … Continue reading

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Pre-awayday edition

You haven’t got the wrong day, honestly, although for a period earlier in this week, I as a day out(!) it’s just that I’m getting this done as I have a lot of things to do this weekend ready for … Continue reading

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Exchanges, being open about little you and why you’re spanked

It’s been an odd kind of a week here with my Caregiver being away for a few days and wil be until the middle of next week although we’ll be in touch via the internet with each other because being … Continue reading

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