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Planning and achieving

Another Saturday sat by the keyboard paws at the ready as I type up a kind of spontaneous post on what has been a pleasant sunny afternoon here recovering from a migraine yesterday  that put most things on a hold. … Continue reading

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Reflections from Summer Camp

It’s Saturday afternoon here the week after we had no posts cos as I mentioned the previous week I was going to be away on a kind of vacation but one designed very much for people like me so that’s … Continue reading

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Vacationing little

There won’t be a post next week on account of it being what for all intents and periods amounts to a kind of a vacation for me albeit on where it’s share with friends that is very child-like with lots … Continue reading

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Random thoughts from last week

I did get away as those who read my other blogs will be aware although it was somewhat more last minute than I normally care for so I was rather busy packing apart from having a migraine in the middle … Continue reading

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Remake, remodel

Phew, its been a warm week here leaving me struggling to do much after say washing up a few nights outside of listening to some music and talking with my BFF  for a short while about various things. One thing … Continue reading

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Celebrations and ramblings

Well, this Canada Day tm you won’t find me doing an awful lot to be honest  cos for one thing it’s party time with our 150 years to celebrate and for another and typically I have a cold so I … Continue reading

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The slipper and I

Today some fairly presumptuous spanker leaves a message to say “Have you ever had a slippering?”. I mean this is Joanne here, you’ve all read this blog, you may even have an account at a well known spanking site where … Continue reading

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