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Weekly round up

It’s beenĀ  quieter week at one site not least for one regular poster requesting their account be closed and just leaving with no explanation be they personal circumstances, an issue connected with on the site or what not. I just … Continue reading

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Open and shut week

Here we go with another week at Jo’s where there has been less about in forums but more actual sharing of feelings, things we struggle with and what that thing we do is all about. Possibly compared to others I’m … Continue reading

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Adult free zone

Hello and welcome to this Saturday’s edition of the blog that may appear at times to be about any number of things but usually is connected in some way to discipline in the wider sense of the word and spanking. … Continue reading

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The personality of Jo

Am I cute enough for my would be admirers, eh? It’s been a funny old week for a lot of reasons not least the wedding that was without question the most disorganized happening ever even if it did end up … Continue reading

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Awkward situations

Hmm, there are two things I need to say today of which the first is my cat died two days ago and I remain most upset being all over the place emotionally. Second is what is the best way to … Continue reading

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Tidying up week

Well it’s a week on and yip, I made the week without any further ahem incidents, having gotten the huge piles properly organized, reduced considerably in scape and by clearing out some other unwanted and unused stuff space so it’s … Continue reading

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In trouble this week

Rain it has to be said doesn’t do much for my bones at all so when it’s not okay to beĀ  out then attention naturally turns to indoor matters and may be things that have been put off. The other … Continue reading

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