Dare to!

Dare to Discipline Okay, it’s true I badly need this in my life and in differing ways it’s been restored to where it belongs, central,  and if there was any reason to doubt the need to “Dare to Discipline” me events in 2015 have shown why you should do it. It’s an act of love.

tumblr_nc8wy6x5vw1suzehyo1_540 (2)

Here’s some informative GIF’s dealing with aspects of it. How to take a girls knickers down.


Having an adult with Authority take them down strips you of any semblance of any and is an essential humiliating ritual of the spanking act that needs to be done to the girl you and you alone are in control and her bottom is soon know it.  Note the Tawse in her hand!

Traditional Hand spanking


You can leave me red with sore bottom in a classic over the knee position.



A wooden paddle really does hurt,reminding you for a good while what you did to deserve it

Caning. When I’m with my friend they can use a traditional Ratton cane on me which was always on the cards at my schools. Holding on a chair: tumblr_mr6eozqDXT1suzvb1o1_400

Knees on chair, bottom bend over


Warm up across knickers


Knickers down for the main event which generations of us had and it stings!

Please do leave our bottoms with red tram lines and very sore because we  need this to really hurt to leave a lasting impression on us.


More often than not caning is over your bared bottom to ensure it’s done without any serious risk of injury. I also think be ordered to take off  your knickers for your caning is extra bit of humiliation as a girl you benefit from.


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