Spankable offences


I exhibit a number of behaviours that cause problems to myself and others that do warrant spanking to help me behave more responsibly and they belong on a separate page for reference.

Procrastination You know it’s true there are times you can actually leave things for later cos it makes sense all to often I put off an important task without any real justification, just preferring not to deal with it.

Attitude  There are quite a number of occasions when I just flat out challenge anything from a simple “What is that?” to “Tell me why you did that” like I want you and your words gone.

Omitting facts  I’m a past master at lying by omitting critical facts when asked about a certain situation or story to remove any responsibility from it and consequences.

Lack of follow through All to often I don’t do what follow through actions I’ve agreed to and when challenged will just shrug my shoulders saying “I forgot all about it” or it just slipped my mind.

Manipulative behaviour  If I can alter a situation to my advantage by either leading people up the garden path or turning on the water works I do it.

Skewed priorities I have the most amazing ability to keep certain appointments that interest me personally but turn up late or not at all to other commitments and equally find hours to work on personal projects but not on something that needs completing to a deadline.

Because I have the difficulties not least my developmental issues it’s easy for people to say “She can’t help it” and while it is true I do need help to do somethings, this doesn’t alter that fact I am capable within them of being more responsible as all these things are matters those in their teens are expected to attend to. It’s simply that life has been too easy for me to even try to.

A good way to spank me:


You have me in uniform and follow this Lesson


One Response to Spankable offences

  1. paolomarks says:

    Yes Procrastination should sit on top of the list…agreed.
    Keep up the good work!


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